Fortnite camp | Robotikos Mokykla
Fortnite camp | Robotikos Mokykla
Fortnite camp | Robotikos Mokykla
Fortnite camp | Robotikos Mokykla

Fortnite camp | Robotikos Mokykla

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Introducing FORTNITE camp! We guess you suddenly jumped out of your chair and started making sounds of joy! If Fortnite raises all your energy levels, constantly grows your skills, knows the latest and greatest weapons, and has accidentally been banned from the game a few times, you have to be here! Virtual Fortnite Reality moves into your reality! 

Numatomos datos:

Rugpjūčio 24 - 28 dienos imtinai.

What skills do we develop in the camp?                                                                                                                                           - Engineering (we will design the engineered Tinckercad program, print 3D-created attributes, maybe come up with them to illuminate with LED lights, what you will create - you will be able to take it home);                                                                               - Electronics (we will connect devices to the battery and led bulbs);                                                                                                   - Design (we will draw 2D and 3D models;)                                                                                                                                           - Critical thinking (we will to solve problems;)                                                                                                                                     - Cognition of history (we will rediscover the fortress of Vilnius, we will look for Vilnius forts of different periods. We will draw inspiration for our fortifications). 

What will we do in the camp?
I. We will create Fortnite cars from lego and program them on the rack created for the race!
II. We will create various forts. Starting in Fortnite creative space and completing the construction of physical forts! 
III. We will design the most impressive 3D game attributes! 
IV. The Fortnite dance challenges are also waiting for you because you know how your favorite avatar dances! 
V. We will get acquainted with the forts in the center of Vilnius and their modern analogs in orienteering competitions!  

Upcoming dates: July 13-17 inclusive, August 10-14 inclusive. 

Price: 180€ - 5 day camp. All facilities, extra entertainment and meals are included. 

Klauskite:,  +37061237700

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