Life in the New Kingdom was flowing in peace. But strange and turbulent events began to unfold in all corners of the world. The inhabitants of villages and towns are disappearing. The strangest creatures, mystical creatures, are found in the world.

Hero, your quiet life was messed up. Embark on a long and adventurous journey, during which you will meet characters asking for help, brave helpers, wise teachers, terrible and insidious enemies. You will have to spend time in high mountains, deep dungeons, dense forests, and since the world was no longer what it was, in other dimensions as well. Fear not, use courage, dexterity, quick reaction and insight. Travel alone, but when you meet a brave hero, join the team, and the biggest enemy is waiting for you, and you will need the help of friends to defeat him.

So cool, if you like the world of Minecraft, fast action, company of friends, fantastic worlds, and most importantly a good challenge, accept it, we want to see you among the best!

Age: from 7 years. Participants need to be able to read.

Duration: 3 hours.

Time: The celebration can take place on weekends and weekdays, pre-registration is required.

Price: 3.5 hours / 200 € or 4.5 hours / 240$.

The number of participants: up to 10 children (for an additional participant +12 Eur).

Meals: You can bring snacks and other birthday attributes.

Book the selected time: or tel .: +37061237700