Robotic classes (1 month)

Robotic classes (1 month)

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Robotic classes for children from 5 years. 

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Užsiėmimų dažnumas
Užsiėmimų vieta
  • School of Robotics (A. Goštauto g. 12-328)
  • Riešės gimnazija (Biržų g. 2A)
  • Riešės gimnazijos Bukiškio filialas (Mokyklos g. 1, Avižieniai)
  • Erudito licėjus (Aludarių g. 3)
  • Vilniaus tarptautinis prancūzų licėjus (Šilo g. 13)

At the Robotics School, children get acquainted with three titans - Electronics, Mechanics, and Programming.

Sounds majestic, right? And when faced with giants face to face, scared? Who would be able to tame these science giants?

From experience we say: they are not terrible at all. If we start slowly and playfully, if we take into account the needs of each child, soon the most curious will jump on the shoulders of giants in seven-mile steps. I don't know who will tell them. 

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